Monstrous Munchies

5 fun Halloween treats for kids

By Jennifer Fujita
5 Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Got hungry little tricksters to feed at Halloween? Get ready for an invasion of tasty treats from the Hallmark kitchen. Our creeptastic cohorts have conjured a variety of scary good recipes to get everyone in the spirit—from a frightful meal of Ghost Cheese Pizzas to wickedly delicious Pretzowl treats.

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Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids: Pretzowls #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Whoooo’s hungry? Make these adorable creatures of the night in minutes with a few easy-to-find ingredients.

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Toothsome Terrors

Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids: Toothsome Terrors #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

The treats that bite back! Use plain cake doughnuts, plastic fangs, red gel frosting (to make them creepier) and black candy eyes to create these horrid little faces. Then chomp away!

Ghost Cheese Pizzas

Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids: Ghost Cheese Pizzas #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

All you need to create these spooktacular mini pizzas are some refrigerated large flaky biscuits, a jar of pizza sauce and slices of mozzarella. Pull apart the biscuit layers so each pizza crust is ⅓ to ½ of a biscuit. Add a spoonful of sauce. Then, use a cookie cutter to cut ghostly slices of mozzarella to cover the tops. (We added bits of chopped black olives for the ghosts’ eyes and mouths.) Bake according to the directions on the biscuit can.

Bug Bites

Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids: Bug Bites #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Peanut butter and chocolate get all crunchy and crawly.

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Gingerbone Men, Gingerbread Mummies & Frankenheads

Tricked-Out Halloween Treats for Kids: Halloween gingerbread cookies #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Monster hordes approaching—everybody get ready to demolish them!  We used packaged gingerbread cookie mix to make all three of these tasty menaces.

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