Play with your food: St. Patrick’s Day treats

Celebrate your inner leprechaun with these fun St. Patrick’s Day recipes

By Tina Stamos
St. Patrick’s Day recipes

Celebrate a day of parades and good green fun with our three St. Patrick’s Day recipes. And what luck—they’re fun and easy to make! Enjoy creating these quick recipes sure to become a tasty tradition in your household: Happy Lepre-conesGreen Clover Pretzels and, of course, no St. Pat’s party is complete without a Leprechaun’s Lucky Hat Cheese Ball. And that’s no blarney!

Tina Stamos is a food stylist and has been working with Hallmark for eight years. She lives in Austin, Texas. When she makes it out of the kitchen, she likes to explore Texas, eat tacos from food trucks and teach her dogs how to play Frisbee.


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