Save $10 You're the Star of the Story Now Thru Sunday 12/15


What if you could give your child special powers...

and the ability to create an imaginative world without the use of a smart phone or video game console? Our new You’re the Star of the Story book and cape sets turn storytime into totally original, creative play for kids—super powers and all. Read the books together, and then let little ones’ imaginations take off as they use the magic medallion cape to help invent their own adventures as the story’s star.


Get into Character

The adventure begins when you bring home book 1 from a character's series, which includes an accessory (like a mask or tiara) and a cape with an attached magic medallion for your child to wear. As you read special phrases from the book, the medallion will respond, surrounding your little one with the voices of the story's characters, music, and fun sound effects. Additional books in each characters' series include even more phrases that the medallion will respond to in brand new ways. When reading is done, your little one can continue to wear the cape and medallion to create imaginative, self-driven play. Each character's medallion has a unique theme song and will react to simple phrases kids say as they invent their own fairytales and adventures.

Princess Harmony

Princess Harmony  is a kind and lovely princess with a knack for communicating with her four-legged friends. Her cape and book set comes with a glimmering tiara and a pretty embroidered cape with a regal medallion that will transform your little one into royalty. See a few pages from her book below.

Princess Harmony and the Magical Cape (included in set)

Princess Harmony receives special powers to be able to talk to the forest animals and help them play beautiful music when she wears the magic cape given to her by her wise Nana.

Princess Harmony and the Missing Instruments (sold separately)

Princess Harmony and her forest friends are shocked to discover their instruments missing. With the help of a little bird, the group has an adventure they'll never forget.

Cosmic Ray

Cosmic Ray is a resourceful kid-turned-superhero who always finds a way to save the day. His cape and book set comes with a mask and cape with a KA-POWerful transforming medallion. See a few pages from his book below.

Cosmic Ray and the Mystery from Space (included in set)

Raymond is a regular kid with a regular life until one day he discovers a magic cape that transforms him into a superhero who must save the planet from the forces of the dark side of the moon!

Cosmic Ray and the Mechanical Menace (sold separately)

The evil Dr. Krankey sends a giant robot to defeat Cosmic Ray and take over the world. Are Cosmic Ray's superpowers enough to defeat this mechanical menace?