What Dads Want to Hear

Father's Day Wishes He'll Love

Hallmark staff
Father's Day wishes

Father. Dad. Stepdad. Papa. Daddy. Whatever he’s called, we’d like to help you tell the fathers you know how you feel about them, with the words they love to hear. We know good dads do all they can all year ’round—for their kids, their families, their loved ones everywhere. So, go ahead...make it a happy Father’s Day and give him the kudos he deserves.

You’re a Good Man.
A dad is almost always more than just a dad. He might be a son, brother, husband, friend, employee, coach, super-fan, barbecue king...and much more.

  • Tell him he puts his heart into everything he does, and it shows.
  • Tell him what a great example he is to others, especially to his family.
  • Tell him “You’re a good man—one of the best there is.”

You Take Good Care of Your Family.
Hunting and gathering is a thing of the past...for most dads. But, taking care of family is still Job #1—a job he does with pride and love.

  • Tell him how fortunate his family is to have him to rely on.
  • Tell him how much his kids look up to and love him. Better yet, help them say it.
  • Tell him “You’re so good at giving your family the love they need.”

You’re a Walking, Talking Good Time.
Sometimes, Dad’s also a part-time entertainer. Or at least, he wants to be. Still, even when he bombs, we think he deserves a standing O for the effort.

  • Tell him how much down-to-earth fun he brings into his family’s life.
  • Tell him all the laughs and smiles he shares add up to big love.
  • Tell him “You make the good times great—every time.”

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