100 Reasons We Love Mom

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day, Hallmark writers tell us why they're thankful for Mom

By Stacey Donovan
100 reasons to be thankful for mom

Did you know that the U.S. holiday of Mother’s Day is 100 years old this year? And no, we didn’t invent it—the credit goes to Anna M. Jarvis, who campaigned for a day to honor mothers after her own mother passed away.

Of course, we’ve always known that moms deserve more thanks and recognition than one day could ever hold. So to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, we asked Hallmark writers to tell us why they’re thankful for their moms, and here’s what they said. Do any of these fit your mom, too?

100 Reasons We Love Mom

1. “I wouldn’t be here without her.”

2. “She gave me my eye color.”

3. “She was my Girl Scout leader.”

4. “She’s the glue that holds us all together.”

5. “I can always get advice from her on home improvement projects.”

6. “She knew when I really needed to be in my room with the music too loud.”

7. “She taught me to stand up for others.”

8. “She taught me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.”


9. “I would live in a sty without her.”

10. “No matter what, she is in my corner.”

11. “She is so good at shopping for bargains, it’s like a superpower.”

12. “Thanks in part to her, I’ve never ‘poked my eye out with that.’”

13. “She plays word games with me on our phones.”

14. “She loves my kids even when they are having meltdowns.”

15. “When life gets so stressful that I practically forget who I am, she reminds me.”

16. “She could always find my shoes.”

17. “I still love to hear her play the piano.”

18. “She prays for me. Though, I’ve probably given her too many reasons to pray for me.”

19. “She takes my call no matter what.”

20. “Her smile makes everything OK.”

21. “Because of what she remembers.”

22. “Because of what she's intentionally forgotten.”

23. “Because my mom was both mother and father.”

24. “Every time she visits me, she organizes one of my closets or shelves!”

25. “She never stops learning.”

26. “She knows there are some things I just have to figure out on my own.”

27. “She always tried to give me honest answers to the hard questions.”

28. “I admire the volunteer work she does.”

29. “She forgave me.”

30. “She still has the trophies I got as a kid.”

31. “She convinces me to go ahead and get the shoes.”

32. “Sometimes, I realize I’m becoming a lot like her...and I’m glad.”


33. “She helped me plan an awesome wedding.”

34. “She listens when I talk about all the ridiculous drama in my life.”

35. “She accepts all my little quirks.”

36. “If she ran the world, no one would ever be mean to me, ever.”

37. “She makes delicious food. It can’t be found anywhere else quite like hers.”

38. “She’s always my No. 1 fan.”

39. “She put up with Dad!”

40. “She works hard.”

41. “She’s the one who makes birthdays and holidays happy.”

42. “She made sure I wore a jacket.”

43. “She loves giving advice, and especially when I take it.”

44. “No matter what you need, she probably has it in her purse. She’s prepared!”

45. “She had to carry me around for like two years.”

46. “She connects me to my childhood and my roots.”

47. “I don’t know how she did it, but she raised seven kids.”

48. “She knew I was reading under the covers and let it slide.”

49. “There are still things she hasn’t told Dad.”


50. “She lets me know that I make her proud.”

51. “Pancakes for supper!”

52. “Those 1,872 games of tic-tac-toe she let me win.”

53. “Those 6,541 school lunches she packed for me.”

54. “She took us to church every week so faith would be a part of our lives.”

55. “She didn’t abandon me during my weirdly long ‘awkward phase.’”

56. “She knows when I’m changing the subject to avoid something I need to talk about.”

57. “She still uses ‘real mail,’ as in envelopes in my mailbox for me and my kids.”

58. “She’s always believed in me.”

59. “She taught me to believe in myself.”

60. “She taught me all I needed to know about being a good human being.”

61. “I got my weird sense of humor from her!”

62. “She instilled in me a deep love of ice cream.”

63. “She fixed my bangs when I cut my bangs.”


64. “She fixed my bangs again the next time I did it.”

65. “When I came out, she told me I was brave and that she loved me.”

66. “A lot of times, she’ll call me just when I was thinking about her.”

67. “She is still a pushover—except when it matters. (Really love her for that.)”

68. “Through runny noses, fevers and heartbreaks, she was the best nurse ever.”

69. “She must have done a lot of things right, because look how great I turned out!”

70. “When I was a kid she sewed Halloween costumes for me.”

71. “She never scraped off the moldy hot dog buns and passed them off as good.”

72. “She learned to love ‘The Real Housewives’ just because I did.”

73. “She shows me how to look for the silver lining and make the best of every situation.”

74. “Even when she was upset with me, I knew she loved me.”

75. “She loves bright colors and she makes life more colorful.”

76. “She asks how my cat is doing, and she doesn’t even like cats.”

77. “Open arms—every time. It never gets old.”

78. “She gets my girls new clothes for ‘back to school’!”

79. “Just by the sound of my voice, she can tell when something’s wrong.”

80. “She’s genuine...she doesn’t pretend to be anybody but herself.”

81. “Even though I live halfway across the country, she’s there for me.”

82. “She can remind me of times I’ve triumphed when I’m feeling vulnerable.”

83. “She washed my underwear. And to be honest, my underwear were kind of gross.”

84. “She gets real, honest-to-goodness joy out of feeding me my favorite food.”

85. “She ‘likes’ everything I post.”

86. “When I have really good news or really bad news, she’s the first person I call.”


87. “She said I was good at ballet even though I was terrible.”

88. “She taught me good manners, and they really come in handy.”

89. “She hugged me even when I didn’t hug back. Especially when I didn’t hug back.”

90. “She gave me that recipe for that thing I make all the time now.”

91. “She called me on a lot of my BS...but not all of it.”

92. “She’s been gone for years, but I still think of her every single day.”

93. “When I was ‘finding myself,’ she cut me some slack.”

94. “She’s the most patient woman in the world.”

95. “She taught me to persevere.”

96. “Her chocolate chip cookies are amazing.”

97. “She’s just as great of a grandma as she is a mom.”

98. “She just ‘gets’ me.”

99. “She’s my best friend.”

100. “She always made sure I knew I was loved.”

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What are some other reasons why you love your mom? (We bet she’d love to hear them.)


Stacey Donovan has been a writer and editor at Hallmark for 19 years. She also writes romance novels (under a pseudonym), and has collected a wealth of obscure knowledge in the process.