In 1957 Ralph and Daphne Ashworth moved to Cary to operate their newly purchased drugstore. They immediately converted the greeting card account to Hallmark because they knew their customers "cared enough to send the very best." In 1969, Ralph and Daphne were very interested in opening a card shop in Cary, NC – but the town had fewer than 5,000 people and could not support it. Their Hallmark representative told them of an opportunity in a new mall (one of the first in North Carolina) in Kinston. Ralph and Daphne drove to Kinston to see the new shop, and then flew to Kansas City to talk to Hallmark about their new concept of "Lynn’s Hallmark Shops." Hallmark had plans to franchise card shops across the nation under this name which they had just copyrighted. The name Lynn’s was ideal because it met the following criteria: one syllable; easy to say and spell; identifiable with both sexes and it had not been previously copyrighted. The Lynn’s Hallmark in Kinston was the 6th such shop to be opened nationwide.

After agreeing they “would not sell fishing tackle” – plus a myriad of other products that may degrade the Hallmark name, the Ashworth’s became the proud owners of their new store. Over forty years later, the Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark chain consists of 14 stores. In 1981, Ralph and Daphne welcomed their eldest son, Gary to the Lynn's Hallmark family, and in 2009, the trio welcomed the 3rd generation of Ashworths, Scott and Chris.

So far this history had dwelled on the evolution of Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark Shops. However, nothing could have been possible without the support and hard work of our outstanding managers, their staffs, and of course our loyal customers. If Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark Shops are viewed as successful, much credit must be given to the employees’ dedication to their customers and stores.